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Duel of the Fates

GotW returns with a little something different, a deep dissection of the scrapped Episode IX script “Duel of the Fates” by Colin Trevorrow. In order to dig this deep, Neil and Dustin call on the expertise of none other than GM Chris from “The Order 66 Podcast” and “The Forge” to lend a hand! It’sContinue reading “Duel of the Fates”



It’s a super-sized episode of GotW as Neil and Dustin discuss Aftermath by Chuck Wendig! Listen along and find out what the boys thought of the first installment of the trilogy. Then, in their “Roll The Dice” segment, the StagDrag crew drops by for some era-appropriate Star Wars RPG actual play! It’s a can’t miss episode!

Q&A with Gary

Come along for the ride as we take a slight hyperspace detour from our typical format. On our Cantina Talk segment we further discuss the new Star Wars/Disney projects that are on the horizon. Then fellow StagDrag member Gary asks the boys a plethora of thought provoking and fun questions relating to all things Star Wars!

The Rebel Opposition

GotW is back and they have their target locked on to a Star Wars Legends classic comic book series, X-Wing: Rogue Squadron! In this episode Neil and Dustin discuss the first four issues, “The Rebel Opposition.” And, in their “Roll The Dice” segment, GotW treats listeners to the beginning of an RPG space combat live-play!

Jedi Search

In this episode, Neil and Dustin dive into the first installment of Kevin J. Anderson’s Jedi Academy trilogy of novels with Jedi Search. Plus, our friend Ryan drops by to share with us his experience at Galaxy’s Edge! It’s a romp of Star Wars discussion!